Designed by a renowned architect, restored by Miyadaiku, temple craftsmen & carpenters, this machiya combines Japanese tradition with western luxury to make your stay memorable and comfortable.  

Japanese Features

  • Wara Juraku walls
  • Tatami floors
  • Shoji blinds
  • Fusuma sliding doors
  • Ranma panels
  • Ofuro bath settings
  • Antique doors

Western Features

  • Luxury washrooms
  • Ultra high speed Wi-Fi
  • Floor & Wall heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Fridge, Stove, Microwave
  • Washer/Dryer
  • English HD TV - Disney, Movies
  • Telephone
  • Digital tablet with guest directory

Floor Plan

Rooms listed below from left to right 

  1. Bath and Shower Room
  2. Washroom with Washer/Dryer Room
  3. Toilet Room
  4. Kitchenette
  5. Dining Area
  6. Traditional Japanese Room - Self encloses into a 2nd bedroom using futons 
  7. Outdoor Kyoto Garden
  8. Western Bedroom 


Please find individual room descriptions in detail below.

Traditional Japanese Room

  • Wara juraku walls, tatami floors, shoji blinds, ranma wood panels, and self-enclosing fusuma sliding doors.
  • To eat and relax in during the day or to sleep at night on futons.

Western Dining and Kitchen Area

  • Bright open dining area.
  • Modern kitchen with all new appliances including refrigerator, microwave and stove.
  • Full set of kitchenware and utensils. 
  • Floor heating.

Western Bedroom

  • Well lit looking on to the Kyoto style garden.
  • Comfortable European queen (larger than USA) bed.
  • Floor heating, wall heating and air conditioning.

Kyoto Style (Small Courtyard) Garden

Bathroom and Toilet Rooms

  • Separate washrom with sink.
  • Separate bathroom with ofuro set soaking tub.
  • High pressure water fall shower.
  • Private toilet room.