Designed by a renowned architect, restored by Miyadaiku, temple craftsmen & carpenters, this machiya combines Japanese tradition with western luxury to make your stay memorable and comfortable.  

Japanese Features

  • Wara Juraku walls
  • Tatami floors
  • Shoji blinds
  • Fusuma sliding doors
  • Ranma panels
  • Ofuro bath settings
  • Antique doors

Western Features

  • Luxury washrooms
  • Ultra high speed Wi-Fi
  • Floor & Wall heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fridge, Stove, Microwave
  • Washer/Dryer
  • English HD TV - Disney, Movies
  • Telephone
  • Digital tablet with guest directory


    Floor Plan

    Rooms listed below from left to right

    1. Western Bedroom
    2. Toilet Room
    3. Bathroom with Shower and Twin Bassinet
    4. Kitchenette
    5. Traditional Japanese Room
    6. Balcony
    7. Soaking Tub
    8. Tatami Bed Room

    Soaking Tub and Tatami Bed Room

    • Built using Miyadaiku (Japanese temple) construction techniques
    • Soaking tub
    • Raised tatami bed
    • Kyoto's oldest zen temple private garden views 
    • Floor and wall heating
    • LED controlled lighting
    • Separated from the main house by a private balcony
    • Inspired by the traditional Kyoto tea-house being set seperate from the main house with 2 horizontally facing tatami mats.

    Traditional Japanese Room

    • Temple view
    • Tatami flooring
    • High ceiling with natural wood beams
    • LED lighting
    • Custom designed shoji window shades
    • Traditional tokonoma alcove
    • Original and new Wara Juraku walls.

    Washroom and Toilet

    • 5 star hotel quality
    • Bathtub
    • Waterfall shower with strong water pressure.
    • Twin bassinet 
    • Separate toilet room
    • Fully automated Japanese toilet.


    • Unrestricted 180 degree temple garden views
    • Custom designed railings for seated views
    • Hardwood Deck
    • Enjoy the temple's asceticism
    • The monks request you refrain from loud behavior

    Modern Kitchenette, Washer/Dryer and Communications 

    • Modern kitchenette all new modern appliances
    • 2-element stove, microwave, large fridge
    • Complete cooking and eating utensils.
    • Subtly hidden behind fusuma doors in tatami room.

    Western Bedroom

    • Tight but comfortable with lots of closet space.
    • Brand new high quality Euro queen (larger than American) bed,
    • Floor and wall heating and air conditioning.