Spacious Modern Suite with Traditional Touch of Kyoto

Combining traditional hand-crafted features with modern western luxury, you’ll find echoes of Kyoto’s past in every corner of our Kyoto Garden Suite. The traditional Kyoto garden is positioned between the tatami and western bedrooms perfectly represents traditional features of local machiya.

A beautiful interior that mixes charming Japanese heritage with modern fittings, paying immaculate attention to detail.
— Jenny B, United Kingdom

Tradition Meets Western Comforts


japanese Features

  • Traditional Kyoto Garden

  • Wara Juraku walls

  • Tatami floors

  • Shoji blinds

  • Fusuma sliding doors

  • Ranma panels

  • Ofuro bath settings

  • Antique doors


western Features

  • Luxury washrooms

  • Ultra high speed Wi-Fi

  • Floor & Wall heating

  • Air conditioning

  • Fridge, Stove, Microwave

  • Washer/Dryer

  • English HD TV - Disney, Movies

  • Telephone

  • Western dining table

1F - Traditional Meets Western.jpg
Photos are absolutely accurate to the beauty of this house. The place was immaculate and beautifully decorated. It is the perfect mix of traditional and modern. We loved the little atrium between the dining room and bedroom. Also the shower and bath in particular were fantastic! We had ample space and all the amenities were in perfect working order. “
— Anonymous Machiya Maya Guest


Rooms listed below from left to right

  1. Bath and Shower Room

  2. Washroom with Washer/Dryer Room

  3. Toilet Room

  4. Kitchenette

  5. Dining Area

  6. Traditional Japanese Room - Self encloses into a 2nd bedroom using futons 

  7. Outdoor Kyoto Garden

  8. Western Bedroom


Kyoto Style Garden

  • Traditional Small Courtyard Garden

  • Found in many old machiya around Kyoto

  • Natural skylight


  • Washer & Dryer with Instructions in English

  • Separate Twin bassinet

Western BeDroom

  • View of the Kyoto style garden.

  • Comfortable European queen bed (larger than USA queen size).

  • Floor heating, wall heating and air conditioning.


  • Modern kitchenette all new modern appliances

  • 2-element stove, microwave & fridge

  • Complete cooking and eating utensils.


  • Separate toilet room

  • Fully automated Japanese toilet

  • Heated seat with bidet


  • To eat and relax in during the day or to sleep at night on futons.

  • Wara juraku walls, tatami floors, shoji blinds, ranma wood panels, and self-enclosing fusuma sliding doors.

This was the best place we stayed in our whole trip across Japan.”
— Anonymous Machiya Maya Gion Guest

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The host replied email really fast and the whole communication process is very smooth.”
— Machiya Maya Gion Guest
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